Ladakh the land of high passes is a famous and beautiful tourist spot. Ladakh is high altitude and cold place. While visiting Ladakh some of the things have to keep in mind. We are providing some information on some facts about Leh Ladakh regarding the climate, clothing, best time to visit and other details.

     Facts about Ladakh


    How to reach Ladakh      

    Ladakh is northern most region of the country . Regular flights operate to Leh from Delhi, Chandigarh and Jammu. Ladakh can be reached from Srinagar or Manali by road. It has one of the most picturesque highways leading to Leh. The nearest Railway station is Jammu which is around 750 Km from Leh.

     Is Road Trip Comfortable      
    You can reach to Ladakh either via Manali or Jammu/Srinagar. Road from Srinagar to Leh is in good condition except few places like Zojilla Pass. While coming from Manali, around 40% road in good condition.

     From Where we can hire Vehicles    
    You can hire Cabs/Bikes/Cycles from Manali, Srinagar, Jammu and Leh. There are many Travel agencies in Leh providing vehicles.

    What is the travelling time to Leh from Manali/Srinagar      

    Usally it takes two days with a halt at camps at Sarchu if coming via Manali and at Kargil if coming via Srinagar.

    How is the oxygen Level at Ladakh and What are the precautions?      
    Ladakh is the region situated at hight altitude. One is comfortable till altitude of 10000 ft. Once you go above that altitude, you might experience lack of oxygen. Few of the symptoms of high altitude include giddiness, loss of appetite, lack of sleep and difficulty in breathing. Rest of 48 hours is advisable once you reach Leh to acclimatize with the climate. Asthma patients and elderly people take special care.

     Hows is the climate of Ladakh    
    The state of Jammu and Kashmir has three distinct climatic regions viz., Arctic cold desert areas of Ladakh, temperate Kashmir valley and sub-tropical region of Jammu. The weather of Ladakh remains chilly and cold for most time of the year. Ladakh’s climate is a little extreme – the summers can get a little harsh with direct sunlight falling at such a high altitude and winters can be really cold, with temperatures dropping below freezing point.

    What is the ATM availability    
    You will find lot many ATMs in Leh city. Almost all the hotels and good restaurants accept Credit/Debit cards,. There are less ATM if you move out of city. Carry sufficient cash if moving out of Leh.

     Will my Mobile Work in Ladakh?    
    Prepaid mobiles will not work in Ladakh and only postpaid mobiles will operate in Ladakh. BSNL and Airtel have good connectivity throughout the region.

     What is the best Time to visit Ladakh?    
    You can visit Ladakh starting from the month of May to October. In the month of may, road to leh opens from Srinagar and Manali. Ideal time to visit by road is ending June to September.

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